Creativity Engine

Wouldn’t it be great to compile your knowledge and activities into a concise database you can access anywhere in the world?

What if you could track your activities in the database in time, and let sophisticated computer algorithms make novel connections among your thoughts for you?

You might become more creative, and never have to forfeit a great thought you had six months ago because you can’t find it.

This is my vision for our future, and I have been working to make it a reality today. In my Creativity Engine, each page automatically generates a network of links to help me navigate an organically growing thicket of research ideas and results. Above, I show just one network, automatically generated from my research documents, based on text, time-of-edit, and link structure.

Moreover, handy navigation tools at the top of each page keep track of recently-visited pages (Bread Crumbs), recently-edited articles (Deskpile), immediate links in and out of the page, a calendar for tracking down articles by edit date, and user-defined paths, here going through the pages Graphene Boundary to Graphene Boundary 5. Every element is clickable.

To augment the Creativity Engine, I have been exploring new ways of navigating other document systems in an organic manner that doesn’t rely on explicit links. Please continue onto the Email Surfer or the Beatles Surfer, which use Latent Semantic Indexing and an innovative visualization system built on d3.js to make surfing your email or the songs of your favorite band intuitive and fun!

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